Hi again and thanks so much for coming back and trying something new by me — Nathan Mueller.

As I mentioned last week, I have had a few blogs in my life, all of which fulfilled different creative outlets for me, but now I am in a few phase of my life and career, where I want to compile all my creative outlets into one.

The first blog was SNOWCLONE, that I used as an inspiration gallery (pre-Pinterest) and is still live to this day, the second was Long Live Sundays, which was started alongside my relationship with Hannah as we shared our travels and happenings together.

For the past four years, I have been a key member of the Design + Content Team at The Venue Report. Driven by finding the best places to celebrate, gather, and getaway, The Venue Report has been a great beginning to my career. Yes, I have traveled a lot and have had many great experiences not only from experiencing exceptional places but from being apart of building a truly stand-out company in the travel, hospitality and events industry.

So now — to what’s new and next, as I continue my happenings on Instagram, I’d like to share more with you (if you’re into it). Every week, I’ll share what I’m Currently Into, whether it be a product I’m loving, a new brand I think you should know about, like a link to sandals that I now absolutely need to go along with my new favorite vacation pants, where Hannah and I are going next, or even a behind the scenes of me actually going through with buzzing my hair (coming soon). Who knows?? What’s mine is now yours.

Thank you for following along, I hope you enjoy.



Goodfellow & Co

Target does it again.
Do you know how hard it is for a guy to get basic grooming products that don’t smell like AXE Body Spray, has clean ingredients, has simple packaging and has an affordable price? It’s hard and nearly impossible. Well, Target’s new Goodfellow & Co men’s grooming line is the answer. All the products are paraben-free, silicone-free, sulfate-free, etc., etc. and I’m into it! I’ve been using the No. 05 Kelp & Sea Mineral Face Lotion and the No. 03 Moroccan Mint & Cedar Shampoo & Conditioner and I feel like a million bucks for less than twenty bucks. I highly recommend.



Newly Following

  1. @sarahyatesmora for home design

  2. @parametrostudio for creative direction

  3. @blindsaay for fun illustrated quotes

  4. @heatherkmcmahan for pure comedy

  5. @resy for new restaurants & cool branding


The Guild Hotel

Guess what!? San Diego finally has a cool hotel? Yes finally, and it’s called The Guild Hotel. The vibe is just what San Diego has been missing, so much so that I’ve visited twice in the last week! Eat in the San Diego’s most beautiful outdoor courtyard, Luca or order an aperol spritz from the bar to sip outside in the garden. See ya there like anytime!

Stay tuned for a full feature on The Venue Report.



/JUNE by Nathan Mueller
An introduction to warmer days and my current faves of the month curated by me.

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Basia Kuligowska and Przemysław Nieciecki

Opasly Tom

This new restuarant in Warsaw, Poland is absolutly stunning. Opasly Tom interior design by Buck Studio focuses on a "contemporary, minimalistic design approach [that] produces the impression of coherence while creating a powerful aesthetic impact". Timber chairs with coral-orange seat cushions, burl wood touches, steel walls upholstered with teal-blue velvet and the geometric zig-zag pattern on the floor is exactly why I must check it out — or at least remain in awe from afar. See more here.


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