Kyle Bonallo

A period of discovery

So many new experiences this week. From double dating and freelancing for the first time to juicing and working out twice a day to even trying an Orangetheory class. WHO AM I!? Well, it’s the new me — the version I’ve always wanted to be (while currently manifesting a Tesla).

To start the week off Hannah & I went on a sort-of blind double date, which we never do, so we pushed ourselves to try something new and to our surprise — we loved it and we loved them (hi Sam & Sormeh). It was so great meeting new people our age that we could relate to outside of work and our daily bubble and gain new friendships! Coincidentally enough, depth psychologist Anne Davin, published an article on goop titled Finding Your People—and Why They Might Surprise You focusing on the myths that hold us back and how to push us forward into connections that will ultimately serve us all better. I highly recommend the read.

During this time of growth and transition, I am beyond humbled by the level of love and support from friends and family and the number of doors that open up when you are receptive to the world around you. This period of discovery came as a blessing, for it is a time for discovering not only how I want to grow and progress in my career, but finding out how I can thrive and be valued for my talents in my next steps in life.

The upcoming weeks are going to be an exciting time packed with a lot of fun opportunities and adventures, so stay tuned, I can’t wait to share more!

Be open and be confident,


Not only is Slack like the greatest app invented for sharing fast and instant communication with coworkers, but it’s also great for sharing announcements, fun .gifs and my least favorite part — the company-wide #lunch channel that is only ever active with the same three people. So in their successes, Slack hired interior design studio, Studio Q+A for a massive redesign of their 300,000-square-foot office in San Francisco.

Inspiration was derived from deserts, forests, and mountain peaks and the new Slack Headquarters makes you feel just that. The ten-story building takes employees and visitors on a virtual trip from Baja to the Pacific Northwest by starting on a desert plain on the first floor and culminating with a mountain summit on the top floor. See more of the awesome redesign here.


Jeff & Cándida Wohlgemuth

A few years ago when Jeff & Cándida told me they had bought a house in Joshua Tree and they were going to fix it up and list it on Airbnb I knew right away it was going to be epic. As two photographers and savvy social media experts, they have been sharing their remodeling and now hospitality journey since day one from El Rancho Joshua Tree.

Now after five months of being open to guests, and a ton of much deserved press, they are sharing some fun tips on how they photographed their space so beautifully and how to snap the perfect pics in any space.

Book a stay at El Rancho Joshua Tree. Follow @elrancojoshuatree on Instagram and watch their fun how-to video here.


Shia LaBeouf is the style god we all need.

Shia LaBeouf has been a low key style god for years now. From getting groceries at Whole Foods in handmade cut off denim to smoking a cig on a stoop with converted slip-on sneakers, even on Sundance Film Festival, he’s flexin’. Just know that Shia was wearing the coveted $500 blogger shoe before they were even cool and that he is alive and well (maybe).

Follow @shiasoutfits for every street style photo from Shia’s lookbook.


Right out of Leanne Ford’s black and white with historic details design style comes a new coffee shop to San Diego. Koffie is just what North County San Diego needed — a coffee shop other than Starbucks that has good interiors and waffles so buttery that you’ll want to order a whole stack and stay a while. The coffee is good too.


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