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I have had a few blogs in my life, all of which fulfilled different creative outlets for me, but now I am in a few phase of my life and career, where I want to compile all my creative outlets into one.

My first was SNOWCLONE, which was where I shared, reposted and marveled at photos and art from across the internet. It was an inspiration gallery for me (pre-Pinterest), it was graphic, it was visual, it was where I personally studied the new new of trends and what’s next. It was ever-evolving, much like the snowball effect, hence the name “snowclone”. Much of my personal design aesthetic can be found on SNOWCLONE to this day.

The second blog, that some of you may actually recall was Long Live Sundays. This started four years ago, out of the love of travel, experiencing new places and ultimately the joy of doing those together with my newly met girlfriend, Hannah. *love you* The spark, not only from her but from capturing so many memories, photographs and recommendations started Long Live Sundays and ultimately paved the way to where I am now.

For the past four years, I have been a key member of the Design + Content Team at The Venue Report. Driven by finding the best places to celebrate, gather, and getaway, The Venue Report has been a great beginning to my career. Yes, I have traveled a lot and have had many great experiences not only from experiencing exceptional places but from being apart of building a truly stand-out company in the travel, hospitality and events industry.

I have always enjoyed sharing new restaurants, hotels, brands, artists, playlists or just whatever that gets me excited. So now — to what’s new and next, as I continue my happenings on Instagram, I’d like to share more with you other than just what I’m wearing to new restaurants and hotels. Every week, I’ll share what I’m Currently Into, whether it be a product I’m loving (like these Blue Light filtering glasses from Felix Grey), a new brand I think you should know about like Necessaire, a link to my new favorite vacation pants, a funny Tweet or a dope playlist I’ve found or made, or where Hannah and I are going next. What’s mine is now yours.

I hope you enjoy.





I have to admit — as a man, I’ve been reading goop for years and I have no shame in that. I’ve always been enamored with the way they have positioned themselves at the forefront of health, wellness and lifestyle and I always enjoy their boundary pushing topics and over the top gift guides. After years of saying to coworkers that goop needs a male focused category, it's finally here!

Goop has announced this past week that goop.com will have the new Men tab on their site. Also, a monthly newsletter devoted to men—from health to travel to a fully devoted podcast titled, The goop Fellas Podcast and I can’t wait to see what they produce for us. It looks like Gwyneth was receiving my manifestation. Thanks GP.




  1. @jerseyicecreamco for interiors

  2. @kate_zim_turpin for interiors & fine art

  3. @benjaminholtrop for photography

  4. @sunburntreynolds for art & music

  5. @juniper.home for interiors



My new favorite spot in Venice. By the owners of Great White (the most Instagrammed café in Southern California), Gran Blano is located right under the famous Venice sign and has a full-bar and cocktail menu. There’s a casual vibey lounge setting that Hannah and I spent hours at a few weeks ago… probably because they have Aperol spritz on the cocktail menu. The other cocktails are awesome, the shared plates are mouthwatering and the tunes are curated from the owners own personal vinyl collection. Go now— but make a Resy in advance.


Expanding my tase in music is credited to Hôtel Costes’ playlists. This Parisian boutique hotel has the finest picks of the freshest quality music and upcoming trends, mixing contemporary and vintage treasures carefully handpicked by the Hôtel Costes.

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On repeat. All week. Seriously, 95% of what I’ve listened to in the past week was SHE IS COMING.

Listen to: “D.R.E.A.M”, “Party Up the Street” & “The Most”
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Tash Baker not only has a fresh and clean Instagram feed, but she also has great taste in music. I find myself saving a lot of her selects for myself.


An introduction to warmer days and my current faves curated by me.

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A new hotel concept by Ace Hotel for travelers and I cannot wait to book a room. Atelier Ace calls it an “experiment in essentialism,” meaning stripped back design elements inspired by Japanese philosophy and Scandinavian architecture and I’m all about it. I especially can’t wait for the restaurant and bar, Floret to open in a few short weeks. See more here.


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